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The $6​.​65 SLP: Basement Days Re​-​revisited

by Vomitron

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Poesy Rider
Poesy Rider thumbnail
Poesy Rider Avec humour, fantaisie, vielles consoles zeldaïques, gros riffs metal hybride et chevauchées saturées, on passe un sacré bon moment avec ce basement days re-revisited ! Un tas de références hétéroclites (Metallica bien entendu, Ghostbusters, King diamond, etc.), bref, une bonne occasion de taper du pied en se fendant la poire ! Favorite track: Vomitron.
Cheveu Miracle
Cheveu Miracle thumbnail
Cheveu Miracle (video game metal / from 1998-2001 released 2016 / _ // )
Code Khalil
Code Khalil thumbnail
Code Khalil Vomitron does nostalgia justice! You don't even have to be a fan of gaming to appreciate the eargasms here. We are living in good times.
dawson0503 thumbnail
dawson0503 Being their #1 fan, this album is the ultimate companion to their early releases due to the songs sounding quite different from the official releases. I wouldn't recommend this for the casual fan but for the people who are obsessed with the band, it's essential. Favorite track: The Fuck Patrol.
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Ghostbusters 03:08
If there's something strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If there's something weird and it don't look good Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS I ain't afraid of no ghosts I ain't afraid of no ghosts If you're seeing things running through your head Who can ya call? GHOSTBUSTERS An invisible man sleeping in your bed Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS I ain't afraid of no ghosts I ain't afraid of no ghosts Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If ya all alone pick up the phone and call GHOSTBUSTERS I ain't afraid of no ghosts I here it likes the girls I ain't afraid of no ghost Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If you've had a dose of a freaky ghost baby Ya better call GHOSTBUSTERS Lemme tell ya something Bustin' makes me feel good! I ain't afraid of no ghosts I ain't afraid of no ghosts
Vomitron 06:30
Contra '01 08:53
Robot Sex 05:32
So there they stood at the top of the stairs Miriam in the mood, Jonathan was scared Gazing into the dark, Jonathan saw the star For a second he turned his back And she was there like a ghost She him hard and clean To the bottom of the stairs "Now we're finally alone, Miriam Abigail is here to stay" The birth of Abigail would soon be realized The second coming of a devil in disguise And the moon did not shine It was darker than ever before On this sacred night The soul of Miriam was crying out in pain Remembering the day, arrival in the rain The pain of labor was so strong that Miriam died The final seeing was a pair of yellow eyes You can still hear her screaming If You're walking the stairs in July Riding from beyond The 7 Horsemen would arrive before the dawn Servants of the count, when Abigail was born the first time Oh no, they found her in the sarcophagus Baby Abigail was eating, Oh I cannot tell You "Take her, and bring her To the chapel in the forest So go now...The ceremony And the coffin's waiting" The Black Horsemen That's the end of another lullaby Time has come for me to say goodnight
Prisoners of the venom master Guilty for what you've been charged Sit in cells condemned to face The deadly snap of their jaws Terror stricken you lie and wait In the final hour Knowing of your wretched fate And the serpents power First strike is deadly The evil path that you must take Is filled with the slither of snakes Their hiding and waiting for the time to lunge For your flesh and your fate No one escapes or comes out alive Snakes they will never lose For if they hit you just one time You have just faced your doom First strike is deadly Doom Deadly strike bred to kill The venoms howling in your veins Satanic spell a gift from Hell The sound of a deadly lead remains


Original Demo tracks spanning from 1998-2001. Ugh.

This stupid release includes all of those demo tracks spanning from 1998-2001, first appearing on MP3.com and later on MySpace. Contains a few "unreleased" tracks as well.


released March 15, 2016


all rights reserved




Spinning its way down miles of ethernet cable and embedding itself in the very code of consciousness through mediums such as heavy metal, the inter-web and the occasional video game, Vomitron has wriggled itself in a very tick-like manner into a place in the current timeline continuum that will hold fast for years to come. ... more

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